Womadelaide Festival Insurance


City Rural Insurance Brokers has many years of experience with events and entertainment insurance. We understand the insurance needs of artists, performers and groups, along with the wide range of styles, media and effects that are used in the performance. We will work to ensure that we arrange quality cover.

As part of our support for the Womadelaide Festival, we have negotiated a comprehensive Liability policy to protect you. Often the venues will not provide you with Liability cover. If you accidentally damage their property, they or their insurer may seek reimbursement for the damage and possibly loss of income. The policy also provides cover if audience members are injured whilst attending the event. This is when the Liability policy can provide you with protection.  The policy does not include performers whilst participating in the event against injury.

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Contractors and Subcontractors -

A contractor / subcontractor is engaged as part of an overall contract for which the insured is providing goods or services. They are people or entities who are engaged, under contract, to carry out work for an insured, usually on their behalf. They may supply plant, tools and materials to complete the work undertaken and typically have their own public liability insurance. E.g. – A lighting contractor you have engaged to supply & setup lighting for your show or a rigger setting up your equipment for a show.

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Contractual Liability
This policy does not cover liability in respect of Contractual liability: Any obligation assumed by You under any agreement or contract except to the extent that:

  1. the liability would have been implied by law;
  2. the liability arises from a provision in a contract for lease or real or personal property other than a provision which obliges You to effect insurance or provide
    indemnity in respect of the subject matter of that contract;
  3. the liability is assumed by You under a warranty of fitness or quality as regards to Your Products;
  4. the obligation is assumed under those agreement specified in the Schedule

Duty of Disclosure

In order to make an informed assessment of the risk and calculate the appropriate premium, your insurer needs information about the risk you are asking it to insure.

For this reason, before you enter into a contract of insurance, you have a duty under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 to disclose to your insurer every matter that you know, or could reasonably be expected to know, is relevant to the insurer’s decision whether to accept the risk and, if so, on what terms. The duty also applies when you renew, extend, vary or reinstate a contract of insurance.
You do not have to disclose anything that:

  • Reduces the risk to be undertaken by the insurer;
  • Is common knowledge;
  • Your insurer knows, or in the ordinary course of its business, ought to know; or
  • If the insurer has waived your obligation to disclose.

If you do not comply with your duty of disclosure, your insurer may be entitled to reduce its liability in respect of a claim or may cancel your contract of insurance. If the non-disclosure was fraudulent, the insurer may be able to avoid (or cancel) the contract of insurance from its beginning. This would have the effect that you were never insured.

One important matter to be disclosed is the history of losses suffered by the person seeking insurance or any closely associated person or entity. As you are responsible for checking that you have made complete disclosure, we suggest that you keep an up to date record of all such losses and claims.

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