City Rural Insurance Brokers


Underinsurance – Don’t risk it

At City Rural we work with our farming and rural clients to ensure the policies we arrange on their behalf provide the right cover for their needs. This is why when you’re with City Rural and a claim arises, there are no surprises.

It’s all about making sure that you are fully covered against the financial impact of insurable events, especially those that, as history shows, will occur time and time again.

Our broking staff is trained to recognise potential problems and also identify circumstances that can cause a client to risk underinsurance. Surely underinsurance is one of the saddest eventualities to happen to anyone in the event of an unpleasant loss. You paid the premium… but were not covered for the extent of damage that occurred.


It’s important that you insure your farm buildings and property for the right value. Underinsuring your possessions may save you a small amount of money in the short term but it can also mean you will have to pay far more to replace or repair damage. Cheaper premiums invariably mean less coverage and lower payouts.

Although fire is the most feared natural disaster event, it’s not the only threat to your farm buildings. A storm can cause damage to sheds and with the updated building codes, you may find the sum insured is not enough to rebuild or repair.

Use the CGU Insurance Home & Contents Calculators to estimate your replacement cost needs or call the friendly team at City Rural for more information.