Follow Andrew in the SA Variety Bash Adelaide to Sydney

follow Andrew in the SA Variety Bash Adelaide to Sydney

Andrew Benda, director of City Rural Insurance Brokers is joining in the 2014 National Bash to Sydney kicking off on Saturday 9th August.

Follow Andrew’s progress as the team makes its way to Sydney over the 8 day event. Andrew will be posting updates and photos to the City Rural Facebook page. Show your support for this great event with comments and Likes on the page.

SA’s most successful fundraising event raised $1.75 Million for South Australian Children in need in 2013. Over 25 years this event has raised an incredible total of over $30 million.

What is the Bash?

The Bash was created in 1985 by adventurer Dick Smith, when he took a group of friends for a drive he called “The Bourke to Burketown Bash”.

The Bash is generally an eight day drive in the country with your mates. It is NOT a race or rally, it is a madcap event designed to put the fun into fundraising. Vehicles must be in standard condition and shall be models constructed prior to December 1980 with run on models to 1987 but excluding fuel injected vehicles (refer to the Events Manager and Bash Chairman). The drivers and crews, however, are anything but standard issue with most Bashers taking the one major rule (don’t take it seriously) seriously.

The Bash is the entrants’ reward for a year spent fundraising for the children of SA who really need it.

Bashing today has not changed from its original concept. It began in SA in 1989 and has seen Bashers travel through much of our beautiful country during this time.

When? 9 – 17 August 2014

Where? National Bash to Sydney!